Would you believe it?

Indian handloom made its way to ancient Egypt and Rome! Vividly dyed textile fabric from India was so prized that it adorned the royalty as far back as over a thousand years B.C.!!

Hallowed Tradition

Weaving in India has a very long tradition, predating the coming of the Aryans. People wore woven cloth during the Indus Valley Civilization in the 2nd millennium B.C.

Skip a few thousand years, and Indian weaving skills reached their pinnacle during the Mughal era . Indian weavers excelled with both silk and cotton. Varieties of weaves – intricate brocade (use of silver and gold thread- “zari”), ikkat (tie-and dye of the yarn before weaving), and zardozi embellishment (embroidery using zari with precious and semi-precious stones) were churned out by Indian weavers. But the pride of place belonged to the famous muslin, a fabric so fine that a 6 yard sari could pass through a ring.

Here in below video, Deb from “Handloom of India” , is demonstrating a Handmade Muslin cotton saree Passing through a Ring.  He is really proving the myth !!!