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Archive for: August, 2021


Sadhguru’s message on Handloom day to all Indians!  


Here in DMZ INTERNATIONAL , we love and promote only handwoven fabrics. What makes these fabrics different? Well, they are just that: woven by hand, by people, using a handloom (which is to say, a hand-operated, non-mechanized loom). That’s why we refer to the fabrics interchangeably as “handwoven” or “handloom” fabrics. Now let’s see how they are


The handloom industry in India has been playing an imperative role in preserving India’s rich cultural heritage and socio-economic development of the country. National Handloom Day, observed on August 7 honors the handloom weavers of the country. It is a day that also recognizes the Swadeshi Movement which was launched on the same date in


Bengal has been a producer of hardy, ecologically viable desi cotton varieties for hundreds of years and is home to the planet’s finest muslin fabric. In 2013, the traditional art of weaving jamdani was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity But the shrinking demand for this fine muslin and khadi has dwindled stable livelihood for


A movement need to be initiated by India to bring awareness globally and also in India about the need to shift to natural fibers. India is home to more than 136 unique weaves, mostly in the form of sarees. Traditionally woven in cotton and silk, sarees are the backbone of Indian Handloom sector that is


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